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Eating Disorders 

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eating disorder Information

Signs & Symptoms

How eating disorders affect the mind & body

Types of Eating Disorders

types of Treatment for

eating disorders

Therapy in a nutshell


NEDA Helpline

National Eating Disorder Association offering help and support


Adolescent Clinic-UCSD Eating Disorders Center

Adolescent Eating Disorder Program

alliance for eating disorder awareness


Eating disorder recovery is possible. As the leading nonprofit in the U.S., ANAD is here to help by providing free, peer support to anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

Anxiety experts

Offering Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP), a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), for the treatment of anxiety-based disorders including panic, social phobia, school refusal, OCD, eating disorders and BDD

Break Binge Eating                                                   

Breaking the chains

Eating disorder site focused on art and creative expression

Resource information for all eating disorders


eating disorder hope

Comprehensive list of resources

Eating Recovery Center

Gaudiani Clinic for eating Disorders

National eating disorder association

Project heal               

Giving support for those with eating disorders

rock Recovery

Out patient eating disorder therapy and support

UCSF Adolescent Medicine

Comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for patients with eating disorders and their families


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