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This does not in any way represent an exhaustive list of services.


Please check for services in your local area as well.


Your space to explore your mental health journey.

Confidential support for 13- to 25-year-olds in California. No cost. No pressure. Chat 1:1 with a professional coach, use interactive tools to destress, or explore quizzes, videos, forums, and more. You choose!

Project Yes

Project YES ​(Youth Empowerment & Support) offers free, brief, and science-backed mental health tools. YES empowers young people to learn new ways of dealing with stress while helping others do the same. 

Project YES was designed with teens (ages 11-17) in mind, but people of all ages are welcome to try the tools in Project YES, anywhere and anytime. Our platform is built and run by the Lab for Scalable Mental Health at Northwestern University. 


HUmanest Care

Connect with Others Who Have Been There
Have a quick mental health question?  Want to hear how others cope with similar challenges, or get guidance from a professional?  Drop a question anonymously in our text based message boards and get notified when a therapist, or others who have been there, reply. (Age 18+ only).

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