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Alison Sabella 

My name is Alison Sabella. Going into my years of higher education, I plan on studying psychology to continue the conversation about mental health and its importance. I am so grateful to be working with such an amazing outreach program.

Amanda Silverman 

My name is Amanda and I am a high school student who understands how difficult it can be  to manage everything that comes with being a teen today. I have a cat and a dog and I love to do arts and crafts and bake. I joined the teen mental health committee because I understand the importance of mental health support and education especially for teens now more than ever.  

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Ariel Benzvi 

I’m Ariel- currently a junior in high school, and am super passionate about mental health and helping others. In my free time, I play volleyball and hang out with friends! My biggest goal is to help others find motivation, self-love, and self-worth the way I have. I have started a mental health club at my own school, along with a website with blogs, and hope to continue reaching out and helping as many teens as I can! 

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Jen Oya 

Nerdy millennial and CSUN graduate. Mental health issues have been a lifelong struggle and I'm passionate about helping those who also experience those struggles. 

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Kara Long 

I am a Sophomore at UC Davis, majoring in Psychology and work part time at a teen treatment center. I know the power of sharing your story and am happy to be a part of this project.

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Miranda Womack 

I am currently in my junior year of high school. Alongside some of my friends, I started a mental health club at our school and have come to recognize the importance of this conversation. I play volleyball and want to pursue filmmaking, but my biggest goal is to help others and show support for whatever it is they may be going through.  


Nolan Long 

I am a current senior in high school who understands the difficulties when afflicted with mental health issues. I enjoy exercising and other geeky activities. I am on the board because I want to help make the organization as suitable for teens as possible, with the goal of getting as many individuals who need help to find it.