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What Teens are saying:

The phrase "stories save lives" rings true with me. Being able to see other people going through the same thing as me or having a similar experience to me always reminds me that I am not alone in my struggles. It is a reminder that there is always help out there and always healthy coping strategies. I think that is the beauty of Teens4teenshelp.

  • Sadie


Teens4Teenshelp is important to me because they are creating a safe space for teens to learn about mental health. They are spreading awareness about a topic that affects so many people, including me. The impact that they are making will help a lot of people who are suffering. 

  • Annabelle


Teens4TeensHelp’s stories are so important. If I had been able to see a story like mine when I was struggling with my mental illness it would have saved me years of suffering. 

  • Kara


Teens4Teenshelp is very important as it helps raise awareness for teen mental health and builds a supportive community where teens can listen to one another. In today’s world it can be easy for teens to feel a sense of isolation due to society’s extensive use and dependence on social media for communication. Teens4TeensHelp breaks that barrier by showing teens they aren’t alone and that other people their age are going through the same struggles. For me personally, Teens4TeensHelp is very important as I have faced mental health struggles as well and feel that as a teen male, our mental health is often overlooked and not spoken openly about. I feel that this organization helps show people that mental health struggles come in all shapes and sizes for all different kinds of people.

  • Jimmy

Teens4TeensHelp has been a way for me to help teens who are in dark places. It gives me the opportunity to inform people my age that their health, not just physical, matters and they deserve to feel heard.   

  •  Crystal

I'm 16 years old from India and I learned about Teens4TeensHelp through a workshop hosted at my school discussing mental illnesses and ways to seek help. It was the first time I witnessed someone talk so openly about mental health issues which is unfortunately, unusual since mental illnesses are still considered a taboo in some regions of the world. Honestly, it was an eye opener. Being a teenager myself, I resonate with other teens, and I believe, there is lack of awareness in the society that creates myths about illnesses that are senseless. As a result, there is a social stigma towards the victims which feeds into the stereotypes of mental health discouraging their ask for help.  

  •  Aanya

What Professionals are saying:

This is an amazing website! I’m super impressed and honestly touched.  You’re going to help a tremendous amount of people with it.

  • Kenneth England, LMFT


I am a counselor at a high school in the Los Angeles area and like many, I have seen an increase in the mental health needs of my students. Our school is not immune to teen suicide. We recently presented the Teens4TeensHelp stories of recovery to our entire 10th grade class. The students were riveted by the stories of mental health struggles and recovery.  

After the students watched the videos, they were asked a series of reflective questions. Many students reported how grateful they were to hear the stories of other teens' struggles and how getting mental health support could help them feel better. Overwhelmingly, they felt the information provided on the website was incredibly helpful and that they would return for their monthly Teen-Talk webinars.

I recommend as a very useful tool for helping your students and promoting mental health. 

  • Katheryn Howard LSCW, PPS/CWA


As the owner of Insight Treatment Programs, a treatment program for teens struggling with Mental health issues I can’t stress enough the importance of resources like Teens4TeensHelp. The incredible work that they are doing to bring this resource to teens and their families is so appreciated. Many teens don’t value the advice and lectures from adults /& Therapists. They need to hear it from their peers and that is what Teens4TeensHelp makes possible. It is a resource our communities need to invest in and make easily available.

  •  Frederik Schulin


The normalization and support that teens get from Teens4TeensHelp is invaluable. Adolescents are in the stage of their life where they are naturally relying on their peers, and Teens4TeensHelp provides easy access to difficult topics. Teens have struggled with mental health more than ever during the pandemic and need more support than ever. 

  • Ellen & Annie Kuni  Co-Founders Gemmed

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