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SupporT Groups


Mental Health 

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)

DBSA online support groups give people living with depression and bipolar disorder a safe, welcoming place to share experiences, discuss coping skills, and offer each other hope.

Hearing Voices

For people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual perceptions

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

The nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.


There are multiple OCD and anxiety support groups across Southern California, as well as support groups for families and loved ones of individuals with OCD.

Recovery International

Mission to use the cognitive-behavioral, peer-to-peer, self-help training system developed by Abraham Low, MD, to help individuals gain skills to lead more peaceful and productive lives.

Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

The WRAP process supports you to identify the tools that keep you well and create action plans to put them into practice in your everyday life.

eating disorders


ANAD’s eating disorder support groups provide a free, virtual space where people can come together and find community in recovery.

Substance Abuse

Moderation Management
Moderation Management™ (MM) is a behavioral change program and national support group network for people concerned about their drinking who desire to make positive lifestyle changes. MM empowers individuals to accept personal responsibility for choosing and maintaining their own path, whether moderation or abstinence. We promote early self-recognition of risky drinking behavior, when moderate drinking may be an achievable goal.

SMART Recovery

Self-Management and Recovery Training. This is more than an acronym: it is a transformative method of moving from addictive substances and negative behaviors to a life of positive self-regard and willingness to change.

suicide prevention

American foundation Suicide prevention (AFSP)
AFSP lists U.S. and international suicide bereavement support groups as a public service to loss survivors. 

Family and relationships

Al-Anon members are people, just like you, who are worried about someone with a drinking problem.

Rainbows for All Children (Rainbows) is dedicated to being the premier source of support for all youth as they navigate grief and heal from loss, whether from death, divorce, deployment, or other trauma.

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